About the Range

Budding scientists can explore, create and experiment until their imaginations bubble over! Let them discover a passion for the concepts of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) with the Little Tikes STEM Jr range.

Ignite little ones’ curiosity and encourage Einstein-thinking with a bunch of toys designed to introduce and develop STEM learning and set them up with skills for life. Exciting hands-on experiences and interactive learning brings the magic of science to life in front of their very eyes.

Whether they’re stirring up the unexpected, building a robot or completing a circuit, there’s something for all interests and developmental stages. Find the perfect toy and watch your little one light up or head over to the blog to discover all about STEM learning and how it can benefit children of all ages.

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Ball Maze

Mix & match pieces to create up to 16 combinations


40+ Fun sounds & Phrases

Power up the fun with playful sounds and phrases


Wizards Brew

Stir up the magic and conduct science experiments


Bubblin' Beaker

Crank up the red wheel and see what bubbles up


Circuit Centre

Bring technology learning to life and see what happens


20+ Lab Accessories

Empower little scientists with these unique lab accessories


20 Fun Hands on Experiments

Bring life to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

Range Highlights

  • Hands-on exploring

    Create your very own lava lamp. Add bubbles by pressing the hand pump to push air bubbles into the lava

  • Sounds like fun!

    Stir up magic using every day household ingredients and create your very own Wizards Brew

  • Spinning Around!

    Build and recreate your bots to introduce your child to engineering in a fun and interactive way

  • Endless play!

    With interactive accessories, create engaging experiences to learn through play

  • Explore & discover

    Includes 20 unique experiments to play, create and explore with

  • Engineering amusement!

    Configure and reconfigure your bot to get different and fun reactions each time


  • "I've never seen anything like this. It's got so many things to explore and manipulate"

  • "There are so many things to do!"

  • "Exciting, engaging and fun experiments that will prepare them for kindergarten and beyond."

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